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July, 1995

The next year, we visited a friend in Toronto, then took a Greyhound to New York City. I'll never forget my first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline as our bus approached New York from New Jersey. I can honestly say that of all the cities that I have seen in the world, New York City is my favourite. New York has something for everyone, and has an irresistible energy. Despite spending over five days there, we would like to visit New York again and see the sights we missed, including the South Side Seaport, Wall Street, and the United Nations. The sights that we did see include:

Central Park, New York City.

hanksWe stayed at the Howard Johnson Hotel, in the Broadway district,king just a few blocks from the Ed Sullivan Theatre, where David Letterman's show is taped. Every time we walked by the theatre, we would see a huge crowd around the side entrance. So one day we decided to see who would come out the theatre entrance. We eventually saw Tom Hanks, Larry King, Regis Philbin, and Van Morrison.


Julie in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We didn't get mugged!

The museums alone are worth the visit. We spent hours in each museum, and we just skimmed the surface. We were literally running through the musems just so we could see as much as possible. The new dinosaur exhibit had just opened at the American Museum of Natural History. There was even an Edmontonsaurus.

Julie walking the "mean streets" of NYC (she's the one in the white shirt, crossing the street).

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