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We planned a trip to New York with three other couples. Wayne & Tina, Jack & Linda, and Ed and Janis. For the sake of brevity, these couples will now be known as W/T, J/L, and E/J.

We stayed again at The Red Roof Inn. After we dropped off our luggage, we met Tina's cousins for supper at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant about a block away. It was expensive, but very good. Unfortunately, just before supper, W/T and myself took a short walk near the hotel and feasted on some hotdogs from a street vendor. And the vendor was so nice, that he gave us some meat on a stick for free. This meat wasn't beef. It definitely wasn't pork. It couldn't have been chicken. And it didn't taste very good. W/T cautiously threw theirs away after one bite, but I idiotically consumed my "meat" on a stick in several (2) bites. And then I spent the rest of the even